Does Safewaze provide manuals in Spanish (bilingual)?

We are actively working on translating our manuals in Spanish. Currently the following products have a bilingual manual with both English and Spanish instructions:


020-4025, 020-4026, 020-4027 Permanent Roofing Anchor

018-4000 Chain Anchor 

018-4001 Beam Trolley Anchor

019-4005 Temp/Reusable Froglink Anchor

019-4006 Perm Froglink Anchor

019-4007 Girder Grip Anchor 

019-4009 Vertical Beam Anchor

019-4010 360° Temp Roof Anchor 

FS-EX310-1 Ring Anchor

FS870, FS870N, FS870S Reusable Roof Anchors

021-4068, 021-4069, 021-4075 Sliding Beam Anchors

021-4055 Premier Sliding Beam Anchor

022-4085 Removable Concrete Anchor

FS880, FS880-1, FS880-6, FS880-8, FS880-10, 70180, 70200, 70280, 70300, 70380 Concrete Anchor Straps

Cross Arm Strap/Cable Choker


PRO+ Slate, PRO+, PRO, V-Line, Welding, Heavyweight, Specialty


LE Lanyard

023-2135 26″-48″ Adjustable Web Restraint Assembly




Vertical Lifeline


2-Person Temp Kermantle HLL

2-Person Temp Cable HLL

4-Person Temp Double Braid Rope HLL 

42″ I-Beam Stanchion HLL 

Ladder Systems

Adjustable SRL Ladder Anchor

Ladder System


020-6041 & 020-6042 Rescue Ladder

022-6047 Quick-Adjust Trauma Relief

022-6069 Rescue Assist Sling 

023-6074 Rescue Pick-off Strap

Rescue & Descent Systems

Confined Space

019-11000 Tripod

019-11001 Tripod 65′ Material Winch

019-11002 Tripod 65′ 3-Way 

019-11003 Tripod 65′ Material Winch and 3-Way

019-11004 Tripod 65′ Personnel Winch and 3-Way