Use of Various Fasteners with the 5K Swivel D-Ring Anchor

Related Products: 021-4082 5K Swivel D-Ring Anchor

Related Standards: ANSI Z359.18 Type A, OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.66

In order to allow for user customization, the 021-4082 5K Swivel D-Ring Anchor assembly does not include a fastener. The user can choose to install a wedge or screw bolt with the anchor. The 021-4073 concrete wedge bolt and the 021-4053 concrete screw bolt are the recommended Safewaze products to use with the anchor. Safewaze equipment is designed for, and tested with, associated Safewaze components or systems. However, Hilti’s HSL4-B is a permitted bolt substitution. The use of competitor fasteners is permissible provided the user follows the Safewaze product manual, the chosen alternative fastener manual, and the following guidelines provided:

1. The alternative bolt has a diameter between 1/2’’ and 5/8’’.

2. The alternative bolt has an embedment depth of 41/2’’.

3. The alternative bolt is intended for concrete installation.

4. A Competent Person has determined the alternative fastener is capable of supporting intended loads on the anchor assembly.

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