OSHA Personal Fall Arrest Systems Rated Below 130 Lbs. and Above 310 Lbs.

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Related Standards: OSHA 1926.502, 1910.140, 1910.66

Date: 05-23-2023

The guidelines set forth by ANSI standards state that fall arrest systems should have a minimum capacity of 130 lbs. and a maximum capacity of 310 lbs. This weight encompasses the overall combined weight of the employee, their clothing, tools, and equipment. Unlike ANSI standards, OSHA regulations do not specify a particular minimum or maximum weight capacity for fall protection systems. However, the generally accepted industry standard is a capacity of 400+ lbs. for OSHA compliance.

OSHA 1910.66 acknowledges a force factor of 1.4 as the accepted ratio to convert human force limits to equivalent force limits when rigid test weights are used. When testing a specific piece of fall protection equipment that exceeds 310 lbs., or falls below 130 lbs., the conversion factor is utilized to determine the necessary rigid weight required. Therefore, Safewaze components can be tested and rated outside of this 130-310 lbs. range. For instance, specific lanyards may have a minimum capacity rating of 85 lbs.

The 1.4 force factor works for weights below 130 lbs. and above 310 lbs. All components of the personal fall arrest system must be rated for any difference in weight-- above or below-- the capacity range of 130-310 lbs.

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