SW-9012 Bracket Update

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Related Standards: ANSI Z359.12

An update to the SW-9012 Bracket may change its installation instructions depending on which version the user receives. Refer to the product manual for the installation instructions of the original bracket.

The user must read and follow the following installation instructions when installing the updated SW- 9012 bracket to a harness:

  1. Hold the bracket with the knob facing the user and the U-shaped portion in a downward orientation.
  2. Pull the knob outward and turn it in a clockwise direction to release the bracket pin. When the bracket pin is released, slide the bracket open.
  3. With the bracket open, install 1 or 2 SRL-Ps onto the bracket. Swivel(s) should be hanging on the U-shaped portion of the bracket.
  4. Slide the bracket pin through the webbing loops at the dorsal D-ring of the harness, or through the SRL channel if the harness is equipped with one, until the bracket pin locks back into place. Ensure the red indicator is not visible. If visible, the bracket is not fully secured.
  5. Check the locking function of the bracket by attempting to slide the bracket open WITHOUT pulling and turning the knob. Bracket pin should not move and the bracket is now locked into place.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this Technical Bulletin, please contact Customer Service at (800) 230-0319.

Refer to the Safewaze manual provided with the product, or available online, for proper use and additional installation information.


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