Can a self-retracting lanyard (SRL) be used in aerial or elevating work platforms?

When work requires the use of an aerial or elevating work platform (such as a scissor lift or boom lift), the preferred connection method is with an adjustable, non-energy absorbing lanyard designed to prevent the user from going over a rail.   

Safewaze SRL devices are authorized for use in either a scissor lift or boom lift as long as the user is continually working from the main platform of the lift. Climbing onto the safety rails or side of the work platform is prohibited. When using a Safewaze SRL in a lift, it is recommended that a Class A SRL be utilized for a higher degree of performance. This is informed by the ANSI Z359.14 standard. 

Note that if the worksite is operating under EM 385-1-1 guidelines, SRL devices are authorized for use in scissor lifts as long as the manufacturer specifies that they are suitable for such use. SRL devices are not authorized for use with a boom lift.

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