What are the minimum and maximum weights for my harness?

Based on extensive testing, Safewaze harnesses are certified at a user weight rating of 85-420 lbs. including clothing and equipment in accordance with OSHA and ANSI guidelines.

OSHA regulation and ANSI standard both specify a standard maximum combined weight of user, clothing, tools and equipment of 310 lbs. OSHA allows an exception for a higher capacity provided that equivalent protection is provided and validated by the manufacturer. The ANSI Z359 Fall Protection code requires individual end-user weight ratings within 130 lbs. to 310 lbs. The primary concern around increasing weight capacity involves potential health risks from complications of orthostatic intolerance (suspension trauma) that could be experienced by a worker weighing more than 310 lbs.

Many full body harnesses manufactured in the United Sates can support additional weight safely. The determining factor in a successful fall arrest for a user in such a situation is the capability of the energy absorbing self-retracting lanyard. When a deceleration device limits maximum arrest forces to less than 1800 lbs. and prevents the user from hitting the next lower lever or an object in the fall path, the harness functions properly in the event of a fall.

Note that Safewaze products are labelled in accordance with ANSI 130-310 lbs. and OSHA maximum weight capacity of 420 lbs. We have conclusively determined that our equipment maintains an average arrest force within or below the required standards and have verified user weights from 85- 420 lbs. For any further questions on user weights on a personal fall arrest system rated outside the ANSI 130-310 lbs. range, please consult a Safewaze fall protection specialist.

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