What is the difference between fall protection, fall arrest and fall restraint?

Fall Protection: This general term covers all methods of protecting workers against a fall, including both passive and active systems. Note that this use of “fall” references one from height.  

Fall Arrest: This is an active fall protection system that arrests or stops a body from hitting a lower surface once a fall has occurred. This system typically includes: [1] an anchor point or series of anchor points; [2] a connector such as an energy-absorbing lanyard or SRL; and [3] bodywear such as a harness.

Fall Restraint: This is an active fall protection system that focuses on keeping a worker from getting close to a fall hazard in order to avoid a fall. These systems use many of the same elements as a fall arrest system. They are most often designed with specific-length lanyards and are utilized on a walking or working surface such as an open rooftop, platform or other surface near a fall hazard. 

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