What does the term “100 percent tie-off” in fall protection refer to?

“100% tie-off” or “100% fall protection” means that when a worker is exposed to potential fall hazards, he or she must be protected by an active or passive fall protection system 100% of the time. Active systems include fall arrest systems such as those with an anchor, full body harness and connecting lanyard. A passive system could be a guardrail or netting. For example, when a guideline indicates that 100% fall protection is required above 6 feet, a worker climbing a fixed ladder of any height above 6 feet should be protected by a ladder climb system, cage or other active fall protection while climbing as well as when exiting the ladder onto the working surface. A positioning or travel restraint device could be a part of this 100% fall protection system. Most often, a backup fall arrest system is also used while connected to the positioning or travel restraint system to ensure 100% tie-off at all times.

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