Use of Alternative Lag Bolt Lengths with the FS-EX310-1 Ring Anchor

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Safewaze provides fasteners with the FS-EX310-1 Ring Anchor. The anchor comes with (3) 5/16 in. x 3’ in. stainless steel hex lag screws. The use of alternative lag bolt lengths with the FS-EX310-1 Ring Anchor is permissible provided the user follows the Safewaze product manual and the following guidelines:

1. The chosen lag bolts are of the same grade and diameter.

2. The chosen lag bolts are between 3 inches and 4 inches in length.

If you have any additional questions regarding the information in this Technical Bulletin, please contact our Technical Support Specialist at (704) 262-7893.

Additionally, refer to the Safewaze manual provided with the product, or available online, for proper use and operation information.

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