Third-Party Testing of Safewaze Fall Protection Equipment

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Customers who rely on Safewaze products for protection while working at height can be confident that any product bearing the Safewaze logo has undergone comprehensive testing and either meets, or exceeds, the specified requirements. Safewaze products are meticulously designed, engineered, and tested to fulfill the functions of fall protection equipment, ensuring optimal performance and life-saving capabilities.

Safewaze collaborates with qualified, regulated laboratory facilities when undergoing testing of samples on products. ANSI standards for verification/validation testing are met at certified third-party testing laboratories that are fully accredited to ISO 17025. Other trusted, capable laboratories are utilized when a product must be aligned with specific OSHA, ASTM, NFPA, etc. regulations. Throughout these test procedures and outcomes, our in-house development, engineering, and testing teams maintain rigorous oversight.

Three excerpts of recent test reports are included in this correspondence, reflecting adherence to the statements above. These reports cover relevant testing data conducted on Safewaze Anchors, Harnesses, and SRLs.

Safewaze is currently working on the construction and certification of an onsite testing and training laboratory. This state-of-the-art facility will be ISO 17025 certified, thus meeting ANSI specifications and standards. While the completion of the laboratory is underway, Safewaze relies on the previously mentioned independent third-party entities to conduct required testing.

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