I have fall protection equipment from a previous job. Can I use the same equipment on a new job site?

Every worksite is different and contains its own unique challenges and fall hazards. While most fall protection equipment today is manufactured to be versatile, that does not guarantee that the devices used on the last job are the best solution for a new job. Some applications require job-specific equipment to ensure the safety of workers. 

For example, those working in fields that do welding or electrical maintenance require a harness made with special materials that offer fire resistance and arc flash protection. The type of lanyard or self-retracting lifeline needed may also change depending on variables such as anchorage locations, fall clearance and the set-up of the worksite. 

Fall protection equipment will not keep workers safe unless it is the right equipment for the job and used properly. Do not skip the research needed for a new worksite and the auditing of safety equipment to save time or money. Work with a qualified distributor or equipment manufacturer such as Safewaze to determine exactly what is needed. If you do not have the right equipment for the job, workers are not fully protected. Not only can shortcuts create unsafe work conditions and endanger workers, it can multiply the cost in time or money when a citation or accident occurs.

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