Compatibility of Safewaze Products with Competitors’ Products

Related Products: Safewaze SRLs, Lanyards, and Harnesses

Related Standards: ANSI Z359.6-2016, OSHA 1926.502

According to OSHA, “Individual components in a fall arrest or positioning device system may be made by different manufacturers so long as they meet the compatibility requirements.” ANSI outlines product compatibility in Z359.6-2016 stating that, “All directly connected components of an active fall protection system must be compatible, performing as intended and preventing unintentional disengagement during system use or in the event of a fall.”

Safewaze equipment is designed for, and tested with, associated Safewaze components or systems. Safewaze products, like those of other manufacturers, undergo testing in compliance with relevant OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Safewaze products may be used with competitor products to provide fall protection, provided the following guidelines are followed:

  1. The chosen competitor components meet applicable ANSI requirements.
  2. A Competent Person onsite oversees the entire system, ensures compatibility, and confirms that each component meets the manufacturer’s requirements for its specific use.
  3. The manufacturer’s instructions are read, understood, and followed for all components and subsystems in the Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS).

An exception to this policy would be horizontal lifeline systems (HLLs). HLLs are designed, tested, and sold as complete systems and include components specifically engineered to perform a precise function within the system. The use of ANSI compliant competitor products, such as harnesses, lanyards, and SRLs, can be used in conjunction with HLLs. However, the parts sold with the system itself can not be interchanged. A Safewaze example of this type of system would be the SafeLink Horizontal Lifeline System.

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Additionally, refer to the Safewaze manual provided with your product for additional information.

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