In 2017, OSHA reported that contact with objects & equipment, mostly from dropped objects, was the 3rd leading cause of fatalities in the workplace.  And there are over 600 different tools being used by workers at height every day.

That’s why we’ve developed SafeWaze ToolCuffs, a comprehensive line of dropped tool prevention products with a variety of attachment and tether options to fit all the tools you use to get the job done.

SafeWaze ToolCuffs are designed and engineered to properly manage a falling object in the weight classification they are specifically rated to. Each item has been tested in accordance with the strict ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 requirements.

Tool Attachments & Anchors

Tool Tethers

General Warnings:

  • Tool attachment points should never interfere with the proper function or safe operation of a tool.
  • Use only properly rated attachments, tethers and anchor points on objects.
  • ToolCuff products are intended to be used as a complete system. Integration of non-SafeWaze products is not advised since we cannot guarantee that product was tested and adequately meets the performance requirements of the regulating body.