7’ Adjustable Tripod Kit with 65’ Material Winch and Storage Bag


The SafeWaze 019-11001 Adjustable tripod kit serves as the support element for entry/egress into confined spaces, and also the rescue/evacuation of workers if necessary. It can also provide an anchorage for fall protection, work positioning, and personnel riding systems. Material winch allows for the raising and lowering of materials to workers within the confined space area.




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  • 7′ Tripod Kit
  • 310 lb. weight capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Quick setup with easy height adjustment
  • Equipped with:
    – 65’ Material winch
  • Rubber foot pads with optional soft terrain edge
  • Durable storage/travel bag
  • Safety chain and quick link
  • Meets:
    – ANSI Z359.14-2014
    – ANSI Z359.1-2007
    – ANSI Z359.4-2013
    – ANSI Z117.1-2009
    – OSHA 1926.502
    – OSHA 1910.140
    – OSHA 1926.21


Materials7’ Adjustable Tripod, Storage Bag, 65’ Material Winch
Weight62 lbs (28.12 kg)
Weight Capacity/Max Working load310 lbs (140.61 kg)
Applicable Standards Meets OSHA 1926.502 - OSHA 1910.140 - OSHA 1926.21 ANSI Z359.1-2007 - ANSI Z117.1-2009 - ANSI A10.32-2012


Technical Data Sheet
Manual (Spanish and English)