Low Profile Elastic Energy Absorbing Lanyard w/ Snap Hooks


The SafeWaze FS590 is a low profile elastic energy absorbing lanyard that stretches 4′-6′ in length, with forged a snap hook on each end. The lanyard’s low profile wears less on a worker’s body while the internal shock tear away to lessen body impact, by eliminating an external shock pack.




  • 4’ – 6’ Maneuverability
  • 2 Snap hooks
  • 1-3/8”  Stretch tubular webbing
  • 3,600 lbs Gate-rated
  • > Min breaking strength 5,000 lbs
  • Meets OSHA 1926.502 – ANSI Z359.13 – ANSI A10.32


Attachment2 Snap hooks
Materials1-3/8” (34.93 mm) Stretch Tubular Web; High-strength polyester stitching; Forged steel snap hooks: 3,600 lbs Gate-rated; Min breaking strength > 5,000 lbs
Weight2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
Weight Capacity/Max Working Load310 lbs (140.61 kg)
Length4 ft (1.23 m) to 6 ft (1.83 m) maneuverability
Hook Ratings3,600 lbs Gate-rated; Min breaking strength > 5,000 lbs
Applicable StandardsMeets OSHA 1926-502, ANSI Z359.13, ANSI A10.32


Technical Data Sheet