Portable Leading Edge Roof Reach Anchor


The SafeWaze Portable Leading Edge Roof Reach is a non-penetrating 2-man anchor that allows for overhead tie-off. Anchor comes with wheels and folds up for easy maneuverability and transport. Ideal for edge work and environments where there is no overhead tie-off.



  • Can break down and telescope to be small enough for easy transportation
  • Modular design makes it a possibility to carry it up in pieces
  • Quick release pin design makes it easier to assemble with no additional tools needed
  • 100 lb. weights have 2 handles for 2 workers to carry with ease
  • Moving handles allow for 4 workers to move the system in a practical manner
  • Large 12” Rubber on cast wheels allows it to roll over debris and make maneuvering it more favorable
  • Saves hours not having to set-up temporary systems
  • Creates less of a tripping hazard than that of a cable lifeline system
  • Reduces swing fall hazards that are present with a lifeline system


MaterialsMild grade steel
WeightWithout counterweights: 660 lbs. Each counterweight: 99 lbs. With counterweights: 1860 lbs.
Weight Capacity/Max Working Load2 users with max weight of 310 lbs each with tools and equipment
LengthExtended out for use footprint: 12’-8” long x 8’-7” wide x 8’-1” tall Folded up for transporting: 6’ long x 5’ wide x 5’-5” tall
Applicable StandardsMeets OSHA 1926-502, ANSI Z359.1, A10.32


Technical Data Sheet