Parapet Anchor

The SW900 Parapet Wall Anchor installs easily onto existing parapet walls.

The SW900 Parapet Anchor is portable and reusable and requires no additional tools for installation nor penetration of the wall surface 

Features includes:
• Accommodates concrete parapets 2.36” (6cm) to 14.17” (36cm)
• Minimum parapet height installation of 8.6” (22cm)
• 2 tightening handles for even force distribution on the parapet wall
• Main body is composed of Alloy Steel
• Portable and Resusable
• High strength steel construction
•Meets OSHA 1926.502 – ANSI Z359.1 – OSHA 1910.66
• 310 lb. (141kg) user capacity
• Non-penetrating rubber padded design eliminating parapet wall damage


Download the SW900 Parapet Anchor Information Packet