In 1994, we created the SAFEWAZE brand at our factory in Concord, NC.

SAFEWAZE Portable 4-Person rope horizontal lifeline kit. Provides convenience of a typical horizontal rope lifeline, with the strength and capability to support multiple users.<br><br>*This bracket is replacing the current FS-EX Bracket

n 1994, we created the SAFEWAZE brand at our factory in Concord, NC. Backed by American ingenuity, the SAFEWAZE name represented uncompromised purpose:

  • To provide the highest quality fall protection equipment at the best possible value
  • To treat and service the customer right, always
  • To fully protect the lives of workers at heights

Driven by a group of hardworking, tough and committed team members, SAFEWAZE became a name revered as a beacon of safety, and a true partner to the fall protection industry.

While the SAFEWAZE brand expanded worldwide under new ownership, the level of investment and commitment wavered. In 2010, we started FSP USA based on our original ideals. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to earn the trust of 500 distributors and tens of thousands of end-users across the country.

Today, we proudly announce the re-birth of the SAFEWAZE brand, pairing the modern engineering capabilities and solution-based approach of FSP USA with the legacy of the SAFEWAZE name. Going forward, our company will simply be known as SAFEWAZE.

We have exciting plans to take the new SAFEWAZE to greater heights. To our partners in the industry, we invite you on the journey with us.




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