Resources to keep you safe on the job and teach you about fall protection. 


Anchor Inspection Checklist

Harness Inspection Checklist

Horizontal Lifeline Inspection Checklist

Lanyard Inspection Checklist

Self Retracting Lifeline Inspection Checklist

Vertical Lifeline Inspection Checklist

Choosing the right Lanyard

Lanyards are often 6' long with other lengths available. Always select the shortest possible lanyard. 

Harness Fitting Instructions

A harness that is too loose may not protect you. One that is too tight is uncomfortable and can cause injury.

Harness Inspection Guide

Fall protection harnesses should be inspected before each use and annually by a competent person. 

Fall Protection Basics

The basics of fall protection: A, B, C, D and more!

Factos de protección anti caídas

Fundamentos de la anti caída A, C, C, D y mas!


5K Swivel D-ring Anchor

Lightweight, low-cost solutions. New concrete anchor options with 180°/360° rotation. 

ANSI Z359.14 Class 1 SRLs

These Class 1 SRLs are now available to the new ANSI Z359.14-2021 standard. Anchor at or above dorsal D-ring. 

ANSI Z359.14 Class 2 SRLs

These Class 2 SRLs are now available to the new ANSI Z359.14-2021 standard. Anchor above or below dorsal D-ring.

Adjustable SRL Ladder Anchor

Redefining fall protection on fixed ladder systems - an adjustable captive eye allows connection to sternal or dorsal D-ring. 

Arc Flash Harness & Lanyard

Specifically engineered and tested to withstand the unique hazards of at-height arc flash environments - plus Safewaze comfort and quality. 

Arc Flash Tool Anchor

Complete security in extreme environments. 

Belmont Safety Hatch

Climbing a ladder is dangerous. Opening and closing a roof hatch while climbing is even more dangerous. We have the solution. 

Concrete Scissor Anchor

Versatility on the job saves you time and money. This removable, reusable anchor is flexible and functions as a system or personal anchor point.

Drop-Through Cable Anchors

Simply drop the captive eye and cable through openings in concrete, steel decking, grating or any 1-3/4" hole in a compliant substrate.

Harness Brand Family

A perfect fit for you and the job at hand. 

Ladder Climb System

This flexible cable system is engineered to deliver easy, affordable safety in a durable system you can trust.

Latitude PRO Arc Flash SRL

Broad usage in multiple extreme heat environments. One of the most durable SRLs on the market featuring new side payout housing.

Leading Edge lanyards

These energy absorbing lanyards feature multi-class, all-in-one versatility plus proprietary tear webbing engineered by Safewaze.

Does LE work require an sRL?

Not Necessarily! An LE Lanyard can be used anywhere you use an LE SRL at a fraction of the cost. 

Permanent Roof Anchors

Three new solutions for permanent use on wooden roof structures. Ideal for use in residential construction and maintenance work.

Post Anchor

Two reliable options for use in concrete or on steel I-beams.

PRO+ Slate Harness Family

This lightweight premium bodywear embodies dependable performance and supreme comfort. Light on weight, heavy on the first-class features.

Quick-Adjust Trauma Relief

Our easily adjustable step promotes better circulation in the event of a fall. 

Rescue Ladder

This ladder is a fast, easy method of rescue, requiring only minimal advanced training.

Rescue Program

We provide a variety of offerings – along with the expertise and training you count on from fall protection’s most responsive partner.

Roof Anchors: with Fasteners

Anchored in Convenience: Save time with convenient new options. Get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Replacement Lanyard Keepers

Never trash another harness because of a broken lanyard keeper!

Rope Positioning Lanyards

Designed for easy mobility with the tower and utility industries in mind. 

Removable Shoulder Pad

Lightweight premium solution for all-day, ergonomic comfort— plus pads are bacteria resistant. Easy installation and secure attachment.

SafeLink HLL System

SafeLink addresses the difficulties of working on subdued edge surfaces and applications where horizontal work and low clearance fall hazards exist.

SafeLink Loop Rebar Base

Part of a complete solution for mounting Horizontal Lifeline Systems.

Sliding Beam Anchor 3.5"-15"

This lightweight, compact anchor now fits up to 15" wide I-beams with versatile tie-off either overhead or foot level. 

Sliding Beam Anchors

Lightweight anchor points with hands-free mobility designed for easy attachment to I-beams and other structural components. 

Specialty Harness Solutions

Count on Safewaze to deliver the exact harness solutions you need.

SRL Brand Family

Deep dive into each brand of SRLs offered by Safewaze.

SRL Swivel Anchor

Anchor post for quick SRL attachment - no disassembly required. 

Strut Anchor

Smooth sliding action for hands-free work. 

Steel & Concrete Swivel Anchors

Max mobility for max productivity! Swivel anchors with 180°/360° rotating connection point increase work range and reduce trip hazards.

StopLink Brake V2

Our StopLink Brake V2, the inline energy absorber for Mobile SafeLink HLL, drastically reduces force loads applied to the anchor point.

Tech tripod 

Engineered to fit a variety of work zones, including over-edge scenario. Massive stance adjusts from 7' to 18' diameter. 

Tool Cuffs

Designed and engineered to properly manage a falling object in the weight classification they are specifically rated to hold.


ANSI Standard Update

Learn what you need to know about new ANSI Standard Z359.14 effective August 1st, 2023.

Case Study: LE Fall Hazard

Discover how our experts eliminated this leading edge hazard with passive fall protection.

Case Study: Pavilion Lifeline

Learn more about how our experts designed and installed a non-penetrating lifeline.

Responsive Case Study: Mining

Being responsive means that first, we listen. Then we respond quickly with options designed to fit our customers’ specific needs.

Concrete Industry Products

From harnesses and connectors to anchors and positioning devices, Safewaze has the concrete solutions you need, when you need them. 

Fall Protection in Roofing

Learn what products you need to keep you safe while working at height in the roofing industry. 

Harness Recommendations

From Type A to Type R, Safewaze has the industry knowledge to ensure you have the proper harness for the job.

Hierarchy of Controls

Use this visual to help eliminate and minimize fall hazards.

Leading Edge Solutions

Is this a leading edge hazard? A simple way to answer is to ask if there is any chance that the connecting device may come into contact with an edge.

OSHA Top 10 Violations

Fall protection is OSHA's top cited violation this past year. Help us change that. 

Tie-Back Connectors

A tie-back connector is one piece of equipment that meets two needs. It is a standard connector and is also acts as an anchorage connector.


Safewaze Engineering

The safest fall is the one that never happens.

Case Study: LE Fall Hazard

Discover how our experts eliminated this leading edge hazard with passive fall protection.

Case Study: Pavilion Lifeline

Learn more about how our experts designed and installed a non-penetrating lifeline.


Non-penetrating structural beam anchor. 

Mobile Safety Rail System

Passive system protects users with no training and increases mobility. 

SRC 360 Mobile Fall Restraint

Non-penetrating, portable fall protection. 

Warning Line Systems

Visual warning for hazardous areas - Never-Rust perimeter warning line system.

X-Rail System

Innovative fall protection system that is multi-directional with continuous movement for multiple users. 

X-Rail Tank Anchor

Horizontal rail solution for use on industrial hoppers, water tanks and grain silos.


Safewaze Brochure

A quick introduction to our services and product line.

Safewaze Capabilities

Learn what fall protection's most responsive partner can do for you.

Bee Access

Learn more about our sister company's innovative access solutions. 

Certified Service & Repair

Keeping you safe on the job means keeping your equipment in action. 

Customer Region Map

Find out which of our representatives is in your area. 

Merchandising Program

Delivering the merchandising you need, when you need it. Let's get started!

On-Site Workforce Training

Training is critical in our mission to protect workers at height.

Partner Brand Standards

Use this to make sure the Safewaze brand is accurately represented.