Customer Success Story: Heico Construction Group

Heico Construction Group LLC consists of seven companies serving the commercial and industrial construction markets throughout the United States and Canada. Bo-Mac Contractors, Ceco Concrete Construction, Concrete Frame Associates, KenMor Electric, Titan Formwork Systems, Tribco Construction Services, and Zalk Josephs Fabricators are among the companies the Group supports. Each company operates separately and has its own unique niche in the construction industry.

A History of Solving Jobsite Fall Protection Challenges
As anyone in the construction industry knows, every jobsite can pose a new challenge. Especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of your workers. Heico Construction Group and Safewaze have a long history of working together to solve those safety challenges.

Many years ago, the company was having issues with employees standing on the X-bracing of scaffold.  Safewaze sent a representative to observe the issue and then constructed a shorter positioning 6-link device that made it easier for employees to perform their work while standing on shoring scaffold and the face of column and wall formwork. “This was my first real experience with Safewaze and it has stuck with me 15 years later,” said Randall Robinson, Safety Director.

Robinson has also worked closely with Safewaze VP Stephen Hartsell to address and resolve a variety of issues that have arisen. They had an issue with an operation that required fall restraint rather that fall protection and  Hartsell recommended a system that is still employed today.

Another time Heico consulted with Hartsell about a safe means to bypass an intermediate post when using the SafeLink Horizontal Lifeline system and he immediately recommended a way to remain 100% tied off during the bypass of a post.

“We also had an issue regarding the rebar hooks on our positioning and dual leg SRDs securing properly into our column forms.  Stephen arranged for someone to come out and bring some rebar hook samples to determine if one existed that would properly secure to the column forms.  We were able to find one that did, and now we have a line of positioners and SRDs that will protect our employees on any formwork.”

Heico has also been able to rely on the expertise and responsiveness of Safewaze Technical Director, Eric Henson, who has, on numerous occasions, answered technical questions they had regarding systems and their acceptable use.  “Overall the Safewaze staff, for me, sells the product along with the quality,” said Robinson.

He continues, “The Safewaze staff and manufacturers reps have always stepped up to the plate when asked to help us with challenges we have had in the field to protect our employees. They are always ready to help or direct efforts in a new direction when we have not thought of or been aware of all possible alternative options. The staff of Safewaze is second to none.”

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